Literacy Program

Get Our Children Back to Reading

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Francis Bacon

Get Our Children Back to Reading

Profiles Unlimited’s focus is to get children “Back To Reading”.  We understand that the development of literacy serves as a foundation for reading and writing acquisition.

The progress for a child depends on the unique characteristics of that child, his or her exposure to language in the home, as well as, their environment and the child’s motivation to learn.  Therefore, we are dedicated to assisting children in our community with strengthening their reading and writing skills through the uses of the theatrical arts, for example: Characterizations, Singing, Spoken word, Poetry, Readings, Acting, Dancing, etc.


Profiles Unlimited, understands that the expectation of children’s literacy development, is different, each child will reach their own individual learning goals at his or her own pace and in his or her own way.

According to National Early Literacy Panel, 2008, a child, with disabilities may demonstrate alternate ways of meeting the goals of literacy development.  For example, a child with a visual impairment will demonstrate a relationship to books and tactile experiences that is significantly different from that of children who can see.  Nonetheless, we understand that the goals for all children are the same, regardless of the path and pace toward the realization of these goals may be different.

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